What We Do

We design, develop, test, and install smart systems to solve your time consuming issues.

A member from our team will liaise with you to identify all issues and desired outcomes. We will provide you with an array of solutions letting you decide what the best tool is for your business or project.

The designed system will be developed utilising a common and very powerful environment such as visual basics. This development environment has been selected based on the following reasons:

  • Most computers are equipped with Microsoft products
  • Most users are Microsoft Office literate
  • Costs are significantly reduced as no additional licences will be required
  • Compatibility with a vast number of applications (e.g. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office products, File Explorer, etc.)

Post developing, your smart solutions will be tested in real conditions to ensure that:

  • All expectations are met
  • All bugs are eliminated
  • The system is fool proof

Once testing is complete, the system is ready to be installed and commissioned. A comprehensive user guide and technical support will be provided for a smooth transition into the new system.

Automatic Data Entry

PDF to excel automatic custom programs to automate data entry

Renaming Photos Using Excel

This video shows how you can bulk rename pictures using excel

Semiautomatic Data Entry

Your computer can be used as a cash register, purchase register

Archived Email Manger

Organise all your archived emailed in a table which enable sorting and searching

Cashflow Managing Program

A simple program can help you take control of your business finance

Logistics Manager Program

A program can assist you prepare pay roll, generate invoices and reconcile accounts