All our systems are custom made and design to fit specific purposes within a business or project.
So far we have created systems for the following categories:

Costing Control

  • Expense and revenue trackers
  • Forecasting systems
  • Cash flow systems
  • Stocktake control
  • Book keeping
  • Paperless timesheets


  • Assets control
  • Optimum resource management system


  • Electronic tag boards
  • Electronic identification


  • Procurement automation


  • Planning tools excel based

Quality Assurance

  • Real life status of documentation


  • E-mail management
  • File management
  • Internet browsing
  • Data entry
  • Invoicing and document creation
  • Company branding when printing any file

Excel Spreadsheets

  • Merging sheets
  • Linking sheets
  • Automating sheets
  • Repairing sheets
  • Multiple users spreadsheets editable for everyone

Automatic Data Entry

PDF to excel automatic custom programs to automate data entry

Renaming Photos Using Excel

This video shows how you can bulk rename pictures using excel

Semiautomatic Data Entry

Your computer can be used as a cash register, purchase register

Archived Email Manger

Organise all your archived emailed in a table which enable sorting and searching

Cashflow Managing Program

A simple program can help you take control of your business finance

Logistics Manager Program

A program can assist you prepare pay roll, generate invoices and reconcile accounts